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Go Kevin Skinner!
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When I opened my yahoo mail last night, I read about America's Got Talent's new Susan Boyle. This time it's a guy named Kevin Skinner.

The very first time I watched him on stage I reacted the same way the audience and judges did - skeptical. However, I was sympathetic. His very humble background and accent (oh yes, I love his accent!) got me.

The moment Kevin Skinner sang his own rendition of 'If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks" my jaw litterally dropped. The judges were right about their comments. Kevin did sing his heart out. It's as if you can feel what he's really feeling just by listening to him singing.

I couldn't get enough of his performance so I kept playing the video over and over again, I even watched other videos of him despite poor quality, until my husband noticed what I was doing.

I told hubby that I'm always mersmerized watching someone, particularly a guy, strumming a guitar and serenading a girl. For me, it's 'the most' romantic gesture a guy can do to a girl. I'd be falling head-over-heels inlove over and over again with heart-shaped irises if a guy would do that to me.

And the first words that came out from hubby's mouth was "Buy me a guitar! I need to learn how to play a guitar ASAP before you left me for someone who's good at playing guitar". Haha. Then we both laughed. I never expected he'd be threatened by Kevin Skinner. As cheesy as it may sound, I'm never gonna leave hubby for anyone else. I hope this will make him fell better now. Hehe.

This morning when I opened the computer, he was discreetly watching me. When he found out I was watching Kevin Skinner's videos again, he said: Not again..

Well, what can I do? I love Kevin, the chicken catcher's, performance. I wish to see more of him in the coming days. I also wish he wins. Good luck Kevin Skinner!

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